As we live in a multi cultural society, each family has different thoughts on religion. Therefore, whichever format you feel is appropriate for your loved one the service be adapted accordingly.


“Allow the light of the years to shine on the event than allow than darkness of the event to cast it’s shadow over the years”



Matthew’s approach

Each service is written individually and formulated from the information given at the initial interview with the family. It is very important that your loved ones physical journey is celebrated with dignity in recognition of their life and treasured memories whilst with you.

It is a privilege to be able to help families at this very stressful time. My aim is always to try to bring a degree of peace to the family. I will offer you advice based on my experience but your input is encouraged. This service is not about me or any religious doctrine, the focus has to be your loved one in honouring their life’s journey.

Quite often because of the grief, it is not always possible for families to absorb what is being said at the service. If the family would like either a written or electronic copy of the text following the service this can be supplied.

Important elements in any format

  1. Music chosen which reflects the memories and personality
  2. A reading which offers positive thoughts
  3. A tribute which portrays the character and essence of your loved one. Humorous stories can also be included if appropriate.
  4. If any family member would like to speak, but because of the emotion are unable to, the words can be spoken by me on their behalf. Alternatively, should a family member wish to speak without my input that can also be arranged.
  5. During the planning of the service it is very important that the structure meets the required needs and leaves the family with a sense of peace and hope for the future.

Continued Support

Pastoral care is available should the families need it in the following months.

Some Families Thoughts

“You captured my Father’s essence and made his service memorable in so many ways”

“Your advice and support has meant more than you realise”

“We wanted someone with love in their heart for our Mothers service and it was perfect. The thought and attention to detail was superb”

“So many people commented on the service at the wake and said how they felt uplifted and inspired. Many said it did not feel like a funeral because like us they enjoyed the experience”


“Life, like nature has its seasons”